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Writing for Search Engines

Good Web site content writing will help any site work towards higher search engine rankings. Nearly 70% of all Internet searches are done on Google. Any competitive Web site should be implementing practices that can help them be indexed by this leading search engine. Web content plays a huge role in how well a site performs on search engines, including Google.

Beware of Black Hat Techniques

Many SEO consultants will implement SEO “tricks” to try to achieve top spots on Google, Yahoo and other search engines. These techniques are especially risky for any site to implement, because if Google finds out, the Web site could be banned. While a temporary high ranking is possible, everything could fall apart if discovered. These practices are much too high-risk for any serious site to implement.

Some of these “black hat” SEO tricks are:

  • Keyword stuffing - Filling a Web site with keywords
  • Hidden text (cloaking) - Including text on a Web page that is invisible to humans, but readable to search engines
  • Link farming - Link farms are groups of websites that all link to each other. Eventually, thousands of sites could exist containing identical content in the form of links.

Don’t Trust Anyone Who Promises You a Page One Google Ranking

Many SEO consultants will promise a page one ranking on Google. But unless your SEO consultant works for Google, it is impossible to guarantee a page one organic search ranking.

Sticking to Approved Methods Only

The only real way for a Web site to fully compete is through “organic” techniques. This includes writing original content, building links, and other best practices. Using only approved methods, we are committed to writing the highest quality original content, without utilizing risky black hat techniques.

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